Want to have an event that you will always remember?

Have your next gathering at Room Escape for amazing zombie fun. Whether you’re in your early teens or late 50s, all ages enjoy it! There is a reason why zombie and post-apocalyptic movies and TV shows continue to be made and remade. Room Escape Atlanta provides the perfect set of circumstances to bring out participants’ inner strengths. You and your friends will be locked in a room from which you have 60 minutes to escape without being “eaten.” It’s a race against the clock as every 5 minutes the zombie’s chain is lengthened.  With only a 30% survival rate, this exercise is as challenging as it is fun. Between the dwindling time, the slew of puzzles, and the hungry zombie this is one outing guaranteed to create pulse pounding, mind racing, adrenaline flowing fun for the whole group!


“You will get eaten if you don’t work together as a team….it is that simple” – Dr. Oxy


In this high pressure apocalyptic zombie survival scenario we use the power of play as a form of inter and intra personal learning.  When outside of your comfort zone and faced with a challenge you will be able to quickly identify the various individual strengths and learn a side of your friends that you have never seen!

When you spend your birthday, anniversary, family reunion, bachelor/bachelorette party with us, you will be offered one of the following:

Event Packages
Free Admission Birthday Cupcakes Join the Cast
You enjoy Room Escape for free when you gather 7 friends. During the checkout process you can order gourmet cupcakes! Already seen the show and want to bring friends? Join the cast of the show for free when you bring a group of your friends.